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Crawler Desktop Notes 4.5 to organizes and remembers your important notes
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Let Crawler Desktop Notes 4.5 organize and remember your important events, meetings and memos and you'll get the credit of being punctual.
Make your lifestyle convenient with this useful tool that will make you punctual. This amazing application will synchronize you desktop with all the important notes you have fed online so that you are reminded of important events wherever you are.
Keeping your notes and memos safe, secured and handy with this tool is the most convenient way. This must-have tool exclusively designed to be handy, fast and smart will display your notes according to the specified time. The amazing features attributed in this tool are: a modern interface with a small learning curve, the desktop notes are featured to become temporarily invisible and reappear with a hotkey, all your desktop notes are synchronized with online notes available at Crawler webmail; this feature allows you to access your notes on any computer with an internet access and the Crawler toolbar installed.
You can create new notes by; using the notes button, using the notes' tray icon and also the hotkey function.
The simplicity of the tool lets you work with this application in a safe and organized way without any pain in your neck.

Padma Pardhy
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  • Organizes and remembers your important events, meetings and memos
  • Your notes are synchronized online so that you can access them anywhere
  • Your notes can be temporarily invisible and reappear with a hotkey
  • User can also create notes with hotkey function


  • It requires the Crawler toolbar installed in the other computer if you want to access your notes from it
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